Win Your Tickets to FIFA World Cup 2022 with AximTrade

Win Your Tickets to FIFA World Cup 2022 with AximTrade

Ready for a lifetime adventure? AximTrade presents an exclusive adventure for all football fans out there. Get the chance to win an all inclusive trip to attend the semi-finals and finals of FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. 

How to Win your Ticket for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

  1. Deposit funds into your trading account and trade minimum of 500 lots from now till 22 Nov 2022.
  2. Be one of the 10 top traders. The more lots you trade, the higher your chances you win. Click here to view the leaderboard.
  3. Pack your bags and get ready for a memorable experience. 
Win Your Tickets to FIFA World Cup 2022 with AximTrade

Trade, Win, Pack!

FIFA World Cup 2022 with AximTrade

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with AximTrade 

Ten lucky winners will receive a special VIP trip to Qatar and watch live the semi finals and finals of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Get ready for a luxurious trip to indulge in the cheering mood while networking with AximTrade Team and VIP attendants over meals and parties.

FIFA World Cup 2022, AximTrade Trading With AximTrade

General Terms and Conditions

  • There is no requirement to sign up for this promotion.
  • Trading Accounts will automatically qualify once the minimum requirement has been met.
  • Only trading operations from verified accounts during this period will be counted for the contest.
  • Only closed orders can qualify for the number of trades.
  • The promotion is valid in selected regions only.

Check all terms and conditions here.

Trading with AximTrade

AximTrade is a fast-growing retail broker and the leading Forex Broker in Asia, and the Official Partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN for the 2022 season. AximTrade is devoted to providing customers with top-notch solutions and consistent support.

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New to AximTrade? Join Us!

Open a forex account today and grab the opportunity to win your lucky ticket to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022!

Follow these steps to open a forex account with AximTrade:

  1. To open forex account log in to your member account from AximTrade login, and click on the “ + Open Extra Account” button on the top right. 
  2. Choose your preferred account type. You can choose between Standard, Cent, ECN or Infinite leverage accounts. You can also choose a demo account if you’re a beginner. 
  3. Select your account and press “Open”. 
  4. Name the Account and create both trading and investor passwords for your account. The investor password should not be the same as the account password. Remember to use both uppercase and lowercase letters, use a combination of numbers and letters. Then click “Done”.
  5. Now your account is ready for trading. You can find all your accounts in the “My Accounts” tab. 

Choose between various account types, based on your trading strategy, experience, and capital designed for investment. Choices include Standard, Cent, ECN or Infinite Leverage trading account. Enjoy favorable trading conditions with Aximtrade; especially when it comes to margin and leverage levels. You can control your real-time risk exposure by monitoring your used and free margin as together make up your equity. 

AximTrade provides a flexible leverage range that helps you choose your preferred risk level. The leverage ratio depends on your account type and equity, up to infinite leverage, and can be reduced by applying custom leverage.

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