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Why Traders Choose AximTrade: The Leading Best Broker

AximTrade is an award-winning global retail brokerage dedicated to providing comprehensive financial services to its clients and partners, ensuring maximum profitability for all parties involved. Transparency and integrity are at the core of AximTrade’s quality standards and corporate values, making it one of the best broker for worldwide traders.

AximTrade: The Leading Best Broker

Today, AximTrade is more than just a trading ecosystem. It’s a vibrant global community powered by passionate individuals from all walks of life. AximTrade has established its position among the fastest growing players in retail trading through collaborative initiatives involving some of the well-established names in the fintech world, hosting networking events, sponsoring one of the top teams in Formula 1, sponsoring the top financial expos globally, and sports events.

Our platform has gained the trust of millions of individuals around the world and offers an unmatched portfolio of trading products, growth partnerships, affiliate programs, and much more.

AximTrade Values

As a leading financial service provider and award-winning best broker, AximTrade provides a secure environment for traders and clients by maintaining industry compliance with the highest international regulatory standards and best business practices. As the best broker, the entity provides a high level of protection for the interests of the general public and market participants.

Traders who prefer flexibility and fast process registration consider the best broker AximTrade as one of their best choices, as it is allowing traders to start with lower capital. The tight spreads offered by the AximTrade standard account are highly competitive and effectively rewarding for trading opportunities.

AximTrade’s Forex IB and Affiliate program rewards every individual and business who refer new traders to the award-winning forex trading platform. IB programs at AximTrade are the most straightforward and straightforward types of partnerships. Signing up is easy, there is no upfront investment, and there is no integration required. The forex IBs and affiliates of AximTrade can start earning commissions right away whenever their referrals execute a trade through the platform.

With its unprecedented competitive edge, commitment to quality standards, and utmost professionalism, AximTrade won the trust and satisfaction of its clients and partners, exceeding the expectations of more than 300,000 satisfied active clients and partners. AximTrade adheres to strict confidentiality policies that protect client privacy and confidentiality in business transactions.

Global Recognition & Awards  

Recognition is an all-time motivator for those who always strive for excellence!

Being rated as the fastest-growing retail forex broker worldwide, AximTrade is renowned for its exceptional service, remarkable growth, and favorable trading conditions. In recognition of its innovative approach to developing trading mindsets, AximTrade won four regional awards back to back at the prestigious Global Forex Awards in 2021 and 2022 for its outstanding contribution to the industry.

The highly commended award was given to AximTrade following a rigorous evaluation of a number of retail forex players across the world. Upon receiving the highest number of unique votes from the global forex trading community, AximTrade has been awarded under four categories as the best broker in the Middle East as well as the best IB conditions globally, including:

  • Best Forex IB Programme – Global
  • Best Forex Copy Trading Platform in Asia
  • Best Forex Broker in MENA
  • Best Forex IB Programme in MENA
Best Broker,Forex Broker Trading With AximTrade

In recognition of its outstanding trading services and customer-centric approach, AximTrade has also been proudly nominated for three Fazzaco Business Awards 2022, which is based on customers survey conducted by a voting campaign;

  • Best Localized Broker, Best CFDs Broker
  • Best Trading Condition Broker

These recognitions are a testament to the persistent efforts we have made in order to ensure that our clients have access to the most professional and dependable service available to them. Although we are thankful for the appreciation of our efforts, we will keep striving to improve and enhance our service to make it even better and more user-friendly in the future.

AximTrade Global Presence

The future looks bright for us, and we’re determined to get there no matter what it takes!

AximTrade goes the extra mile on several fronts. In line with the forward-looking philosophy and multi-national partnerships, the leading forex broker AximTrade has now become one of the well-established and trusted financial service providers in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Headquartered in Singapore, AximTrade is now a global trading firm with a presence in 11 countries worldwide and is on a rapid expansion path. As a leading broker in the world, we believe it is our duty to make sure that everyone in our society is able to access financial services that can enable them to achieve their dreams and have a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

The company is also supporting a number of independent fintech influencers, introducing brokers, and affiliate marketers based in different parts of the world, with a view to making fintech services more accessible to every corner of the globe.

AximTrade Best Forex Broker

AximTrade Promotions

AximTrade’s commercial success has always been attributed in part to its global promotions and exhibits.

AximTrade took part in the Wiki Finance Expo, which is one of the largest finance expos in the world held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 12 June 2022. AximTrade had our biggest booth at the event.

We are proud to announce that AximTrade is offering a chance for all football fans to win an all-inclusive trip to the semi-finals and finals of FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Get ready for a luxurious trip to indulge in the cheering mood while networking with AximTrade Team and VIP attendants over meals and parties.

To add to the surprise, AximTrade takes you through a breathtaking experience to watch live Formula 1 Night Race Singapore 2022! Get ready for a thrilling experience with AximTrade and Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN. AximTrade, the official partner of Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN is excited to invite its lucky winners to a fully paid trip to watch F1 Live in Singapore.

AximTrade Sponsorships

Our partnership emphasizes innovation, competitiveness, and commitment to excellence.

In 2022, AximTrade officially launched a new partnership with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, a world-renowned brand and the fresh identity of one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious F1 competing teams.

AximTrade was also the Regional Sponsor of the iFX EXPO that took place in Bangkok, Thailand. The iFX EXPO is the world’s first and largest financial business-to-business exhibition, bringing together executives from leading firms around the world. It offers a unique opportunity to network, grow your business, and develop new relationships. AximTrade also holds a great deal of pride in being the Regional Sponsor and biggest exhibitor for this remarkable event.

As part of its plans for the future, AximTrade, the fast-growing broker, will also be participating at the Fazzaco Expo Dubai 2022 as the Global Strategic Partner. AximTrade is set to be a remarkable exhibitor at the expo amid massive expansion plans in the Middle East region.

AximTrade Regulation

AximTrade Regulations guarantee accountability and transparency that protects the interests of all traders.

The AximTrade Group is represented by the following entities and is regulated by various jurisdictions worldwide. AximTrade Pty Limited is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Huntington Services Limited is an IBC registered in New Zealand and is authorized as a Financial Service Provider (FSP).

AximTrade LLC is registered by the Financial Services Authority of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines which ensures the broker’s compliance with the highest international standards and best conduct of business practices. This includes handling client assets, safeguarding client funds, and providing regular financial reports, you won’t have to worry about your funds or the privacy and confidentiality of your transactions with AximTrade.

Why Do Top Traders Choose AximTrade?

AximTrade stands out as the best broker thanks to its trusted platform and comprehensive portfolio of financial product offerings that include Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Indices, Metals, and Energies, all offered with uncompromising standards of reliability and accessibility.

Traders who prefer flexibility and fast process registration consider AximTrade as the best broker as it is allowing traders to start with lower capital. Therefore, the platform is continually expanding its capabilities to serve all types of traders by providing flexible leverage, low opening balance requirements, tight spreads, and effective payment methods.

The Most Effective Trading Accounts

You can choose between various account types, based on your trading strategy, experience, and capital designed for investment. Choices include Standard, Cent account, ECN account, and infinite leverage account. The minimum deposit to open forex account with the best broker AximTrade is just $1 and there are no commissions to pay. The traders are able to open multiple accounts within their personal area and customize their trading leverage for each account. AximTrade mobile application is another highly effective solution for traders to manage all their trading activities and their funds at any time.

Highly Rewarded Trading

The forex bonus offers provided by AximTrade are well known across among the traders for their outstanding terms and high rewards. AximTrad’s LifeTime Bonus is an extensive bonus that will not expire as long as the bonus amount is used for all levels within the program. Thus, traders can obtain the best broker bonuses whenever they wish.

Funding Reliability

All transactions with AximTrade are trackable via the personal account and segregated accounts are set up in order to ensure that there is a clear and complete separation of client funds from those of the company. The identity verifications allow a safe and secure environment for clients and effectively detect any suspicious scam activities or frauds.

Outstanding Trading Conditions

AximTrade offers flexible margin trading leverage up to 1:3000, one of the highest leverage conditions available in the market. Leverage allows clients to trade with low amounts of capital and access the market without having to keep a large amount of capital. AximTrade’s Cent account offers leverage of 1:2000, while the ECN account offers leverage up to 1:1000 respectively. Furthermore, you can also get access to infinite leverage trading accounts where you can trade with an infinite level of leverage.

Professional Forex Training

An educated trader is a more empowered Forex trader. AximTrade offers a free online forex course covering a wide range of forex topics and testimonial videos in an effort to educate and empower traders. Fortunately, enrolling in a pro-made online Forex course and learning from an experienced trader will likely speed up the process and help traders avoid the common mistakes Forex beginners tend to make.

Get Started Trading With AximTrade

Ready to step into the world of online trading? Experience the world of trading with the best broker in the market, AximTrade. Newbies to the forex market can access a comprehensive set of learning resources, video tutorials, market news, technical analyses, and educational materials with AximTrade. The technical indicators offered by AximTrade are intended to help you better grasp market trends and trading signals more easily with sophisticated mathematical calculations. 

Trading Forex for the first time and feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! AximTrade also allows you to trade like a professional from day one of your live Forex trades using our exclusive Copy Trade platform. Get inspired by a selective list of top trading experts with rich trading histories, copy their trades and leverage their expertise to enhance your trading experience and knowledge.

Choose the best broker to trade with wisely and conduct your research based on analyzing the trading conditions and trading capabilities of the broker. Explore AximTrade accounts and download the AximTrade app to get a head start in the world of unlimited possibilities with the best trading conditions.

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