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Forex Broker: Why To Choose AximTrade?

aximtrade broker

To start in the forex trading market it is important to choose the best forex broker based on critical and analytical methods. In the world of investment, the brokerage company is considered a business partner which should fulfill the main requirements for successful trading. While the main procedures of financial transactions and security of funds are the top concerns in the process of choosing the broker, forex traders are always looking for the trading conditions and reputation as crucial factors.

What is a Forex Broker?

The forex broker is a financial services provider which allows users to enter the market of foreign currency exchange. The online forex broker provides traders with instant and direct access to trading platforms such as MT4 and MT5 and to trade based on specific trading conditions. The majority of trading platforms provide support to different OS and devices including Android and iOS.

Brokers also provide leverage in order to allow traders to trade with larger amounts than what their funds which they deposited. Based on the account types and trading conditions, the leverage value might change. Initially, the leverage in the forex is considered as one of the main benefits for most traders and it allows them to increase their opportunities in trading. However, the leverage is still considered risky trading and it might increase the losses.

The services provided by the forex broker require access to payment systems in order to transfer funds. Therefore, the forex account includes a financial wallet that holds the funds used in trade. The process of choosing the best forex broker requires checking the reliability of the deposit and withdrawal methods, the commission percentage on transactions, how much time it takes, and a secure environment.

To choose the best forex broker, it is important to look at all the trading conditions and choose what is the best for your investment plan.

How to Choose a Forex Broker?

Choosing the best forex broker requires in-depth investigations and research. Mainly, most people tend to search online forex websites using obvious terms including top 10 forex brokers in the world, or top forex brokers in a specific country. The result for this search can provide a long list of online brokers with a well-known online brand name.

Forex Broker Listing

However, this might not answer the question as most traders can be overwhelmed with a long list of forex companies and offers. That’s one of the drawbacks of this process as well as there is a vast amount of advertising involved in the results. The positive side of online research is getting an overview of the top brokers and reviewing the offering through the broker listing websites.

Trusted forex broker and Word of Mouth

Eventually, choices of the trading platform and reliability of trading conditions are considered major factors for forex traders. Word of mouth and recommendation can be helpful for the process of how to choose a forex broker, yet each trader should consider their own criteria.

As an investor in the global currency exchange market, you have to identify the broker that matches your needs. This includes the payment system that is suitable for your financial transactions, the leverage and margin that is suitable for your trading strategies, the size of the spread on the currency pairs you are investing in, and finally customer support quality in your native language.

Forex Rating and Compare Brokers

The third method to evaluate and choose a forex broker is to check online reviews, compare forex broker rating, spread, regulation, leverage, payment methods, and more. However, while some of the forex rating websites can be biased due to advertisements, the comparison allows forex traders to understand the differences between trading conditions.

Essentially, forex beginners should rethink how they choose their trading partners differently. Professional traders are usually looking for criteria that match their advanced trading strategies. Therefore, beginners should evaluate the brokers based on their own strategies and forex investments. The choice of the best forex broker for beginners is certainly different than other choices of professional forex traders.

AximTrade Forex Broker

Aximtrade is a globally competitive forex broker that guarantees premium services to develop client and partner profitability. More than providing custom accounts that aim to meet specific needs, Aximtrade is dedicated to honing the skills that will make clients knowledgeable and progressive. Transactions will be fast and our customer support is reliable 24/7 to attend to each and every concern. As a whole, Aximtrade is a one-of-a-kind broker and business partner.

AximTrade Best Forex Broker

Aximtrade is a duly licensed forex broker that is licensed and regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Financial Services Commission (FSC) of New Zealand and operates under Thara Heights Owner’s Corporation which is a reputable international business company registered in the British Virgin Islands.

AximTrade adheres to a number of compliance initiatives, including handling client assets, safeguarding client funds, and providing regular financial reports to protect the funds and transaction confidentiality of our clients.

One of the core values of AximTrade is to enable forex traders with easy-to-use technology, educational resources, technical analysis, varieties of forex bonus promotions, and a highly competitive trading environment with the best trading conditions. Read the AximTrade review for more insights about forex trading with a reliable broker.

AximTrade’s Efficient Customer Service: Aximtrade provides customer support to all clients and partners even when the market is closed. Communication is easy with 24/7 local language support via live chat or through email inquiries. Aximtrade will be responsible for assuring that clients get appropriate support in the most convenient and efficient time possible.

AximTrade MT4 and Execution Time

AximTrade provides access to Meta Trader 4 or MT4 with one of the fastest Execution Time in the market. AximTrade platforms are available for all operating systems including desktop and mobile with easy steps to download and configure. The highly efficient servers and data centers allow traders to access the market with fast speed and stability of order execution.

MT4 is one of the most secure platforms that allows financial market analysis and utilizes Expert Advisors (EA) along with a strong host of indicators and scripts to evaluate further trading action. MT4 takes pride in being able to offer limitless opportunities to traders in all skill levels. User experience is outstanding, and the software is widely downloadable for mobile and desktop preferences.

AximTrade Infinite Leverage

Leverage is the ratio of the trader’s funds to the size of the broker’s credit. It is borrowed capital from the broker by the client to increase potential returns. In simplest terms, a client may have a small amount of capital in the account, but leverage will allow control for a larger amount in the market. The leverage is fixed and selected when opening an account.

AximTrade leverage is considered the best forex leverage provided in several markets due to the high flexibility and wide ratio. AximTrade leverage can vary based on the country of origin, account type, and contract. The leverage can reach up to 1:3000 in standard accounts and unlimited leverage in the infinite account. the client can always choose which leverage they are willing to trade with while selecting their account. AximTrade enables the traders to add multiple trading accounts under the same registration.

AximTrade Infinite Leverage Account

Low Spread Forex Broker

The spread is the difference between the bid (sell) price and the ask (buy) price of a currency pair that indicates how much one variable currency equals one unit of the base currency. Spreads are variable such that it tends to be higher in relation to high market volatility.

AximTrade spread is considered among the most competitive spreads in the market and can provide a great advantage to traders. AximTrade provides a tight spread for the top currency pairs and gold with the lowest pips. The spread is also highly stable during market volatility and major news releases.

AximTrade Account Types

Aximtrade offers a variety of accounts that aims to meet individual client needs. Each account is built with a unique feature to maximize the trading potential that benefits each client.

AximTrade Best Forex Broker - Account Types

Trading cost is the client’s exposure from buying, selling, and borrowing marketable securities and it also includes commissions, slippage, and the bid spread. Aximtrade’s ECN account is the only account that features an added commission of $3 per lot traded. The Standard and Cent accounts are spread based and all accounts offer a free swap for holding trades overnight.

Multi-Asset Forex Trading Broker

Aximtrade allows clients to experience outstanding trading conditions and enrich strategic skills by using demo accounts. Clients have the power to create strategic moves and test them out without exposing themselves to risk.

Assets are a collection of securities held by a firm for the purpose of trading. As a leading forex broker with a variety of financial instruments, the platform allows an extensive list of trading assets including Forex, Metals, Energy, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies.

What is a Multi-Asset Broker? A multi-asset broker refers to the online trading brokerage services with several varieties of financial instruments. The multi-asset brokers offer a set of forex currency pairs that can exceed 40+ currencies as well as other CFDs such as indices, stocks, commodities, metals, energy, cryptocurrencies pairs, ETFs, and more. AximTrade is a multi-asset broker offering a large set of financial instruments and increasing its asset with cryptocurrencies trading including Bitcoin.

Fast Payment Methods

Aximtrade’s Standard and Cent accounts only have a minimum deposit requirement of $1.00 while the ECN account has a $50.00 requirement.

Aximtrade offers a wide variety of payment channels to ensure the convenience of our clients in making deposit transactions. We are partners with Neteller, Skrill, Fasapay, Wechat, Alipay, China Union Pay, QuickTransfer, QR Code, Local Bank Transfer, and through Local Depositor. All channels are commission-free but each has a minimum deposit required. The payment systems also include USDT as a fast and reliable channel for most traders around the world.

Forex Broker Trading With AximTrade

Withdrawals for clients are also made conveniently available through Neteller, Skrill, Local Bank Transfer, and Local Depositor. There is no commission applied for withdrawal options except for Neteller and Skrill. Traders can also use USDT to withdraw their profits and to manage their funds with the lowest commission and transaction fees. AximTrade as a forex broker provides unique and secure methods for its clients and IBs.

Check How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds with AximTrade?

AximTrade Bonuses & Promotions

The forex bonus and promotions may vary throughout the year and clients are encouraged to monitor our website and other social media accounts for announcements. AximTrade provides several bonus programs with massive benefits for traders. The forex bonus can have different conditions and different time periods. AximTrade designed several special programs for traders to enjoy different levels of bonus benefits.

Over the years, AximTrade, the primer forex broker provided the famous USD$ 55 startup bonus, the multiple levels deposit bonus, and recently the company provided it is major program the LifeTime Bonus. This program is the first to be represented for forex traders with such multi-levels of bonus commission and it is not limited to a period of time or promotion.

Educational & Trading Tools

Aximtrade, the premier forex broker, aims to provide clients with appropriate tools and materials for the purpose of gaining ample knowledge about trading and the industry in general. It is within the process of teaching that Aximtrade enriches clients with strategic capabilities, independence, and profitability. Check our learn forex and market news sections:

Award-Winner Forex Broker

In 2021, AximTrade has been awarded 4 global awards by the Global Forex Awards. The award committee has selected the company platform as the Best Forex Trading Platform in Asia. Being globally recognized puts AximTrade in a unique position in the Forex industry by providing high-quality business partnerships and reliable trading services. The list of the 2021 Forex awards include:

  • The Global Forex Newcomer of the Year
  • The Best Forex IB Programme Africa
  • The Best Forex IB Programme Asia
  • The Best Forex Trading Platform Asia

As a leading forex broker, the company is committed to advancing its services to all clients and partners and achieving a top-quality trading environment.

Explore the best trading conditions with AximTrade, a global leading broker with competitive leverage up to infinite leverage. AximTrade is a fast-growing brokerage service provider in the global markets with a highly advanced execution time on the MT4 platform.

AximTrade maintains a set of values and high standards of quality when it comes to transparency and integrity of the trading conditions and customer security. With its unprecedented competitive edge, commitment to values, and utmost professionalism, AximTrade gained the trust of its clients and IB partners, exceeding the expectations of more than 300,000 satisfied clients and partners around the world. Join the platform and explore the varieties of current pairs, indices, and other financial instruments available for trading.


Which broker is the best for forex?

The best broker for forex trading is the broker which provides the trading condition that matches your investment profile and trading experiences. It is crucial to choose the broker based on your forex investment and trading strategy.

Can I trade forex with $10?

Yes, you can trade forex with $10 if you choose a broker with lower deposit requirements. AximTrade account types allow traders to start with a minimum requirement of deposit and can benefit from the flexible leverage to start trading and gain experience.

Do I need a broker for forex?

Yes, the forex broker is essential to access the market of forex trading online. The brokerage service provides allows traders to gain direct access to the interbank and trade currency pairs in real-time.

aximtrade broker