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Key Levels On Market Analysis 7th JUN 2021

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There are higher possibilities for EURUSD to retest the 1.19500 level. On GBPUSD, sideways rally between 1.42300 and 1.36600 level.  On AUDUSD, the 0.78100 level seems to be strong and we are expecting the market to retest the 0.78100 before dropping to 0.76400 level. On NZDUSD, We are expecting a drop further if the market is close below 0.70900 level. On USDCHF, If the market is close above the 0.90400 level. we can expect the market to retest the 0.92100 level to form the resistance. On USDCAD, if the market is close above the 1.21400 level. We can expect the next retest level at 1.23600 to 1.23400 level.  On USDJPY, sideways can be confirmed after a retest from 110.700 level. Once confirmed, we can expect the sideways rally will be between 110.700 level and 107.500 level. Finally, on XAUUSD, the Market is currently in between the 1910 and 1853 levels.  The next direction can only be confirmed once these levels are broken.

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