LifeTime Bonus

The LifeTime Bonus With AximTrade – Trade More!

The LifeTime bonus is a unique deposit bonus and a new term that provides extensive and long-term benefits for forex traders. Each client account will receive multiple bonuses based on different tiers. It means that each trader with a forex account can request and receive several deposit bonuses on different or the same account within one LifeTime deposit bonus.

Make the best out of your deposit and claim up to a 50% bonus! Qualify for an additional bonus if you’ve utilized more than the percentage of that tier-in-1 deposit operation!

What are the benefits of the LifeTime Bonus?

The LifeTime deposit bonus is a special credit that is provided to a client’s trading account when the client makes a deposit to his trading account. This bonus is different than regular forex bonuses and brings several values for traders to expand their forex trading opportunities.

Long-Term for several years

The LifeTime bonus from AximTrade is a special type of forex bonus that is not limited to a period of time and is not related to any promotional campaign like regular bonuses. This bonus is available until the trader completely utilizes all available bonus amounts from all the Tiers. Therefore, this is highly valuable for traders as they can return to the account at any time and benefit from the bonus.

Several Tiers and Multiple Levels

Eventually, the LifeTime bonus is characterized by 3-5 Tiers of the bonus amount. When the Bonus amount (Credit) from one Tier is used – the next available Tier will be utilized. Bonus percentage depends on the Tier from which bonus credits are utilized. If the calculated bonus amount is more than the size of the first and subsequent Tiers – the deposit amount will be automatically split into parts to utilize each Tier in full one by one. Bonus percentage will be applied according to each particular Tier, as it is indicated in the MA progress bar.

The progress bar of the LifeTime deposit bonus represents the Bonus Tier range (bonus amount) on the top and Bonus percentages at the bottom. The progress bar is filled with color according to the utilization of the LifeTime deposit bonus credit. The progress bar shows in which Tier (from blue to gray dot) the client is located now.

Gain from each deposit

The maximum size of the LifeTime bonus depends on the total sum of deposit bonus Tiers. Bonus amounts can be split between several trading accounts, but bonus amounts can not be multiplied and used on the same trading account. The size of the basic bonus which is provided into the trading account is calculated as the deposit amount multiplied by the percentage of the currently active Bonus Tier.

Bonus Tier Range – fromToBonus Percentage
0 USD99.99 USD50%
100 USD299.99 USD30%
300 USD400 USD10%

1) Client deposits $2,000. For the first 100$ (Tier 1) of the Bonus amount- the percentage will be 50%, and it will utilize 200$ (100$ / 50%) of the deposit amount.

2) 1,800$ of the deposit remains unallocated and subsequent Tiers will be utilized. For the next 200$ (Tier 2) of the Bonus amount – the percentage will be 30%, it will utilize 666.67$ (200$ / 30%) of the deposit amount.

3) 1,133.33$ of the deposit remains still unallocated. For the next 100$ (Tier 3) of the Bonus amount – a percentage will be 10%, it will occupy 1,000$ (100$/10%) of the deposit amount.

4) Remaining amount of 133.33 won’t generate any Bonus, as the Bonus has been already utilized in full.

The total amount of the provided Bonus on a 2,000$ deposit is 100$ + 200$ + 100$ = 400$.

Depending on the Extra bonus settings indicated in the MA – Extra bonus may be provided together with a Basic bonus. Basic Bonus – main bonus, which is provided based on the percentage bonus Tiers. Extra bonus – additional bonus, which is provided if the client utilized more than a certain percentage of the Tier in one deposit operation.

What is the forex bonus and how it works?

A forex bonus is a specific type of compensation provided by forex brokers to customers based on a certain level of trading lots or during a period of time. Typically, the forex bonus is considered as a credit to the trading account and it is usually performance-based, which means the trader is required to trade a certain amount of lots or to deposit a certain amount of funds to meet the bonus conditions.

That said, a lot of bonus offers in the forex world are conditional and not guaranteed. In addition, the bonus is usually limited to a short period of time and after that, the bonus will be expired. The lifetime bonus is considered one of the most extraordinary choices for forex traders due to the unlimited lifetime period this forex bonus has to offer.

Start Trading with a Deposit Bonus

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In summary, as a leading broker, we offer multiple deposit bonuses as a way to incentivize traders to invest more funds into their trading accounts. Generally, this bonus is awarded in the form of a percentage value and requires that traders meet specific criteria set by the broker before they qualify for it; such conditions include achieving certain trading volume levels.

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