Level I - Introduction to Forex Trading
Level II - Learn Forex Analysis
Level III - Learn Forex Strategies

9. Learn Fundamental Analysis Basics


What you will learn

In this class, you will be able to interpret what is fundamental analysis, how to interpret and how to apply it to trading.

  • What is Fundamental Analysis? 
  • Why is Fundamental Analysis important in Forex trading? 
  • What are the Fundamental factors that Affect Currency Values? 
  • What are the Major Fundamental Analysis indicators used by Forex traders? 


In this class, you will learn how to analyze the currency you trade using fundamental analysis. 

Fundamental analysis involves analyzing economic, social, and political forces to determine how they may affect the forex market. While technical analysis involves poring over charts to identify patterns or trends, fundamental analysis involves reading economic reports and news headlines.    

Understanding fundamental analysis allows you to gain insight into the dynamics of the financial markets, which is essential to your development as a trader, regardless of the role fundamental analysis plays in your day-to-day trading activity. You will also learn how to use the Economic Calendar to avoid or play fundamental events that can have a huge impact on currency prices. 

Lesson Content