Level I - Introduction to Forex Trading
Level II - Learn Forex Analysis
Level III - Learn Forex Strategies

7. How To Start Your First Online Trade


What you will learn

In this class, you will discover the most crucial things that a trader should know before making the first trade.

  • How to Develop a Complete Trading Strategy  
  • What are the Basic Order Types and how to use them 
  • How to determine an Ideal Lot Size 
  • Placing the Profit Target and Stop Loss Based on Risk to Reward Ratio  
  • How to Place Stop & Profit targets based on Risk/Reward Ratio 


The course will provide you with live step-by-step instructions on how to make your first trade without any prior experience in Forex trading. 

Research and analysis should be the foundation for your Forex trading endeavors. Without these, you will be largely operating on emotion, which doesn’t always produce the best results. This class will teach you how to make the best use of Stop-loss and Take-profit orders to control your profits and losses.  

Discover exclusive ideas for developing a complete trading strategy, basic order types, and how to use them. Our unique teaching methods will ignite your desire to learn, making a life-long impact on you and your success. 

Lesson Content