Level I - Introduction to Forex Trading
Level II - Learn Forex Analysis
Level III - Learn Forex Strategies

4. Understanding Leverage, Margin, Swap, Margin Call, Stop Out & Risk management


What you will learn

In this class, you will be learning the Leverage, Margin, Swap, Margin Call, Stop Out, and Risk management of the Market in detail.

  • What is leverage in Forex trading 
  • What is Forex Margin and how does it work 
  • What is Forex Swap and How does it affect your trading 
  • What is a Margin Call and how to avoid it 
  • What is a Stop Out level in Forex trading  
  • What is Risk Management and Why is it Important 


The class will introduce you to some important Forex trading terms like Leverage, Margin, Swaps, Margin Calls, Stop Out & Risk Management. 

Forex Traders commonly utilize margin accounts and leverage as it gives them more buying power when hitting the currency markets. Understanding what Forex Margin is and how leverage works is crucial for beginners as it helps them determine how much they are able to stake, make, or lose.  

Having a clearer understanding of Forex Leverage and Margin will assist you in avoiding margin calls, stop-outs, and ultimately liquidation. Knowing how these terms work will prevent traders from falling into too much debt with brokers. 

Lesson Content