Level I - Introduction to Forex Trading
Level II - Learn Forex Analysis
Level III - Learn Forex Strategies

20. Learn The Pullback or Retracement Strategy


Forex Scalping Strategy – EMA-CCI pullback strategy 

What you will learn

  • Rules associated with Forex Scalping 
  • How to use Multiple Time Frame Analysis? 
  • Best trading instruments to use for Scalping  
  • How to scalp using the EMA-CCI pullback strategy? 


In this class, we are going to discuss an interesting Forex strategy that is often associated with Scalping. Unlike Scalping, which involves a lot of trades per session for a small profit, the CCI+EMA indicator predicts larger profits and Stop Losses, putting it in the short-term category since the timeframe is short, and so are the Stop Losses and Take Profits.  

The CCI + EMA is a multicurrency strategy. The strategy focuses on a group of indicators that utilize technical support and resistance levels. It applies to any trading session and any time of the day, provided the market is volatile. To trade with the EMA-CCI pullback scalping strategy is very easy. 

The strategy may be used successfully for major currency pairs. However, cross rates are not suitable because of wide spreads. Anyhow, if you stick to your risk management, you can use the CCI + EMA strategy intraday just fine. Watch the video for a better understanding of how the entire process works. 

Lesson Content