Level I - Introduction to Forex Trading
Level II - Learn Forex Analysis
Level III - Learn Forex Strategies

12. Learn The Stochastic Indicator


What you will learn

  • What is a Stochastic indicator? 
  • How to set up a Stochastic indicator?  
  • How to read a Stochastic indicator? 
  • How to use a Stochastic Oscillator to trade Forex? 


In this class, you will figure out how to implement a Stochastic oscillator in your trading strategy, so you can filter entries better and get stronger signals. 

Stochastic oscillators are momentum indicators widely used in forex trading to detect potential trend reversals. You can also use it to identify overbought and oversold levels in shares, indices, and many other instruments.  

Stochastic oscillator is also one of the top Technical Analysis Indicator. This class will provide real-life examples of how stochastic oscillators can be used in trading, beyond simply discussing them as an indicator. 

Lesson Content