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How to develop an Entry and Exit Strategy in Forex Trading

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Developing an entry and exit strategy is an essential step for successful forex trading. It requires confidence and a well-thought-out plan. Determining when to enter or exit a trade is a complementary step in your money management process and an essential element in developing a successful trading plan. Traders who strictly follow a predefined plan are more likely to be successful than those who trade without one and those who let their emotions decide. An entry and exit strategy helps you decide when/where to enter the market and at what point would be best to exit.

How to choose an Entry Point for a Forex Trade

An entry point is the price level at which you decide to open a buy or sell position. A proper entry point can be defined through market analysis, and based on the trading strategy you adopt. It can maximize your profits in each trade, and that’s why professional traders follow strict rules to find the best entry points for their positions. Determining a proper entry point should depend on: 

  1. Market analysis: Do your research and understand the different factors that affect the market, and your trades. Since the forex market deals with currency exchange, you need to learn about what moves the currencies you trade. 
  2. Position: After analyzing the market, you’ll have to decide whether to buy or sell the currency pair. It’s important to buy low and sell high. If you think that some pair is trading low and will rise, buy it and you can sell later from a higher price. 
  3. Position size: Choosing the appropriate lot size comes next, depending on your trading strategy and risk management plan. Using the proper position sizes will allow you to risk only what you can afford. It is advised to maintain a risk rate between 1% and 3% of your capital for each trade. 

How to choose an Exit Point for a Forex Trade

An exit point refers to the price level at which you need to close your trade. You can exit the market with a gain or a loss. Setting a proper exit point is a crucial risk management tool to minimize your loss if occurred. Keep your risk/reward ratio low, most successful traders keep it as low as 1:2. The outcome of your trades will depend on how you choose both Take Profit and Stop Loss levels according to your trading plan. 

The Take Profit level (T/P) is the profit level at which a trade will close, while the Stop Loss (S/L) is the price level at which a trade closes automatically when the market reverses. A Take Profit level is set above the current asking price if you are buying a pair, or below the bid price if you are selling. While a Stop Loss price is set above the current asking price for long positions, or beneath the current bid price for selling positions.

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How to develop an Entry and Exit Strategy 

In Forex, when it comes to developing an entry and exit strategy there are several factors to consider. It’s important to decide what type of trader you are, as your trades will be decided upon time horizon and potential risks. If you’re a day trader or a short-term one, then you’ll need to monitor your trades carefully and strictly identify your entry and exit points. But if you are trading long-term positions, you shall be more patient, as your gains will be more significant.

Another factor to consider is how much you are willing to risk. When you calculate your risks, you identify the level of acceptable losses before trading. This will help minimize any possible losses while keeping you safe from stressful trading. 

For short-term traders, a lower risk ratio is more favorable as they make money on the volume of winning trades. On the other hand, long-term investors may prefer a higher risk ratio as they seek to maximize profits for each position.

You may also need to keep your strategies simple and follow trends; trade with the market, not against it. Setting your exit point is more important than entering as your profits depend on how you leave the market. Consider testing your entry and exit strategy, and never forget to use a stop-loss. 

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