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copytrade aximtrade

copytrade aximtrade

Copy Trade with AximTrade allows you to copy top professional traders and benefit from forex experts and successful traders. Copy Trade has been made available for beginner traders and experienced investors to leverage the expertise of professional traders and copy their trades with an investment amount that suits you.

What is Copy Trading? 

Copy trading is a strategy through which a trader can copy a professional trader’s positions, either automatically or manually. This trading technique aims to follow professional traders who have a track record you would like to emulate. It is a way to automate your trading strategy.

This way, every time they trade, you can copy their trades in your own trading account.

Copy trading allows traders to monitor and learn from the strategies of successful traders. This technique best suits traders who don’t have time to keep up with the market or still lack the experience to trade profitably on their own.

Who Provides Trading Signals

AximTrade’s Money Managers are a selective list of top and professional traders with rich trading history. Each Money Manager or Service Provider has an individual trading profile with a distinctive strategy and preferred trading instruments. 

Copy Trade with AximTrade

Copy Trade with AximTrade comes with a package of benefits that include:
(1) You can follow the most profitable traders
(2) You don’t have to be a forex expert
(3) You can learn from top traders
(4) Enjoy fast order execution
(5) Diversify your portfolio
|(6) Experience high-level security for all transactions, data, and investments.

Now you can easily copy trade with AximTrade through the following simple steps: 

  1. Sign in to your Member Area, and select Copy Trade. 
  1. After checking the profiles, trading history, risk level, and profit rates, select a Money Manager you’d like to follow based on your preferred risk exposure and trading goals. 

  1. Check the profile of the Money Manager to better identify the followed strategy based on the trading history and performance analysis. 
  1. Once you feel confident and convinced in the strategy followed by the Money Manager, you can start copying trades by clicking on “Connect”. But first, you’ll have to select the investment fund you want to deposit/transfer to your follower account, then check the “Copy Open Trades” box to copy the existing traders of the Money Manager.
  1. Monitor the performance of your follower accounts in the “My Accounts” tab. 
  1. Analyze your follower account by checking investments, profits, balance, equity, fees, and performance chart: 
  • (a) INVESTMENTS: Sum of deposit and withdrawal operations into the Follower account.
  • (b) PROFIT: The trading result of the Follower account is based on the closed trades. Value updates in real-time.
  • (c) BALANCE: Amount of money on the Follower account based on the deposit/ withdrawal operations and closed trades.
  • (d) EQUITY: Balance on the Follower account + the result of open trades on the Follower account.
  • (e) FLOATING: Result of Open Trades on the Follower account.
  • (f) PERFORMANCE FEE: Payment which Follower pays to the Money Manager for the profits he creates on the account.
  • (g) PAID PF: Total amount of Performance fee which the Follower paid to the Money Manager for the profit from closed trades since the start of Investment.
  • (h) OUTSTANDING FEE: This shows the Performance Fee for the latest profits Money Manager made on the Follower account. This PF will be charged in the closest PF rollover if the Money Manager doesn’t lose that profit.
  • (i) PERFORMANCE CHART: This is the chart that allows the user to evaluate the follower performance that was generated by Money Manager trading decisions. It is a really useful tool for the client to know how his investment is doing on a historical basis.

By conducting these steps you will be able to copy trade with the AximTrade network of traders from all around the world.

How to Become a Money Manager

Copy Trade with AximTrade provides the opportunity to traders to open their Money Manager account and start offering their trades for followers to copy. Each Money Manager profile will provide trading activities and performance charts for followers to compare and select. Follow the basic steps to open your account.

Step 1: Kindly log in to your Member Area and click the “CopyTrade” tab.

Step 2: On the Money Manager list, click this “Become Money Manager” button. This is the option to become a Money Manager and transmit automated trading signals to followers.

Note: Any client can become a Money Manager. There is no requirement for minimum balance or experience from the Company. However, every new Money Manager has to display 30 days of trading history on his accounts and his request needs to be verified by the appropriate Company department (risk team). The procedure can take up to 48 hours.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page where you will create and set up the strategy as a Money Manager. This is where you will customize all the parameters (Strategy Name, MT4 Account, Use history from, Minimum Investments, Performance Fee, Agent Reward, and Strategy description) for your future followers and describe your strategy.

Note: Before applying for Money Manager, please make sure that all the trades on your trading account are closed and that you have at least 30 days of trading history.

The risk team will review your application within 48 business hours and will either approve your Money Manager request or will get back to you with additional requests.

Step 4: Once all the parameters are set and all filled up, you should press the “Create Strategy” button, which immediately brings the confirmation message. This is the notification that “Aximtrade is not liable for any losses which the Money Manager incurs on Follower accounts due to the bad trading performance or any other issues associated with the investment process. The Money Manager agrees to trade in such a manner that delivers the best possible trading results to his/her followers.

Note: By pressing the “Yes, I agree” button, the Money Manager agrees to trade in such a manner to deliver Followers the best possible trading results.

Step 5: Once the Money Manager trading strategy was created, there is a confirmation green box that will pop up in the upper part of the screen. The request has been successfully submitted, however, it needs to be reviewed and verified by the Risk team of the Company within the following 48 hours, to be found and added to the List of Money Managers. 

Step 6: Once you become a Money Manager, (your strategy and history were reviewed and approved by the risk team of the Company), then the new section “Money Managers” appears in the left-side general menu of your Member Area. The Money Manager tab contains information about active strategies and the option to add new strategies.

How to Successfully Copy Trade

Copy Trade with Aximtrade and join a globally competitive broker that guarantees premium services to develop client and partner profitability. More than providing custom accounts that aim to meet specific needs, Aximtrade is dedicated to improving the knowledge and the skills of forex trading. 

Copy Trading FAQs

Should I have prior trading experience to start Copy Trading? 

No, beginner traders can start copy trading with the minimum experience needed. If you aim to only follow and copy trades, then no experience will be required. However, being experienced will help you filter out the professional traders you’ll follow and copy trades from. Copy trading also can be a huge opportunity to benefit from the experience of top traders and learn how to trade on your own. 

How to Choose a Trader to follow? 

Check and compare performance statistics and trading history details; profit and loss rates, risk levels, and trading tools. Review all these factors and decide whether they comply with your trading goals and plan or not before choosing to follow a specific trader. 

What is the Minimum Investment amount to start Copy Trading? 

The initial minimum investment amount for any Money Manager is USD10. Subsequent or following investments may be less than the minimum required. And the minimum available lot size for a Follower is 0.00001 lot.

Should the Follower’s account balance equal to the Money Manager’s? 

No, there are no capital requirements for the follower account. The Follower trades are executed in proportion between the balances of the Money manager and Follower at the moment of opening a trade regardless of the leverage. Volume (copied trade) = Balance (Follower)/Balance (Money Manager) x Volume (Money Manager). For example, if the Money Manager Account Balance is $4,000 while the Follower Account Balance is $20. In a situation where the Money Manager opens 0.02 lots trade, on The Follower account, the open lot will be: 20/4000 x 0.02 = 0.0001 lot.

Can I follow More than one Money Manager at Once? 

Yes, there are no limitations on the number of Money Manager accounts and Follower accounts.

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