Global Forex Awards

AximTrade Won 4 Global Forex Awards for the Second Consecutive Year

It is with great pleasure that we announce that AximTrade has been honored with 4 prestigious awards from the Global Forex Awards 2022. As a matter of fact, this is the second consecutive year AximTrade has won the Global Forex Awards. The prestigious awards recognize exceptional businesses for delivering cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programs, and exceptional customer service on a global scale. 

AximTrade Won 4 Global Forex Awards 2022

AximTrade received this highly commended recognition following rigorous evaluation to reward the best of the best in the global retail forex markets. Having received a record number of unique votes voted by the global forex trading community, AximTrade has been awarded under four categories, including the Best Forex IB Programme – Global, Best Forex Copy Trading Platform – Asia, Best Forex Broker – MENA, and Best Forex IB Programme – MENA. 

Forex Awards Trading With AximTrade

“We are immensely honored to have been nominated and to have won multiple awards in the Global Forex Awards 2022 – Retail and for the 2nd year in a row. This is a huge recognition of our contribution to the industry. We are encouraged to do better and provide the best trading experience and investment solutions to all our clients and partners” AximTrade’s Co-Founder and CEO, Kelvin Tang commented. 

“Winning these awards has also put us at the forefront of the industry, with regional and global recognition. This is another worthwhile milestone in our journey as we move forward to putting our goals into action and bringing a more innovative and bold approach to the financial scene. AximTrade’s best has yet to come. Stay tuned for more developments from us.” Tang added.   

The Global Forex Awards are provided by Holiston Media, a leading provider of financial B2B and Retail awards that celebrate the best-performing forex businesses and brands on a global & regional basis.

Best Forex IB Programme – Global

The foundations of successful business partnerships revolve around the principles of trust, reliability, and profitability. The Best Forex IB Programme award recognizes companies that are committed to growth and progress that can be shared with their affiliates as well as their IB partners.  

As a leader in establishing successful partnerships, AximTrade strives to provide outstanding support and necessary tools in order to ensure maximum cooperation between our partners on a global scale. We provide our partners with smooth and fast execution, excellent monitoring tools, generous commissions, and local support 24×7. We are pleased to announce that these forex awards complement our ongoing enhancement of the Forex IB partnership program and our accomplishment of milestones. 

Best Forex Copy Trading Platform – Asia

In a distinctive recognition of the first-class experience that is granted by AximTrade’s CopyTrade platform, the company has been awarded the Best Forex Copy Trading Platform in Asia in recognition of its superior product. 

With so much competition in the copy trading market as forex brokers race to offer more and more trading tools, AximTrade has positioned itself as the best Forex Copy Trading Platform in Asia for 2022. Ultimately, this was due to AximTrade’s efforts to differentiate itself as the best-in-class offering in this category amongst other finishers.

Notably, with its expansion in the Middle East region, AximTrade is now the proud recipient of two awards: the Best Forex Broker award as well as the Best Forex IB award. 

Best Forex Broker – MENA

AximTrade is proud to be recognized as the Best Forex Broker – MENA in the Global Forex Awards 2022, in honor of our efforts to serve our traders responsibly by offering them the best products, services, and resources available on the market today. 

AximTrade was positioned as the leader in terms of providing the most advanced technologies and services, specifically in the Middle East and North Africa regions and elsewhere. It is an honor to be recognized for our work this way, something that motivates us to continue serving you responsibly for decades to come. 

Best Forex IB Programme – MENA

AximTrade considers it an absolute honor to have been recognized for the innovative promotional options we have developed over the years that have been successful in generating profits for both our clients and partners alike. 

Being named the Best Forex IB Programme – MENA has certainly been a rewarding experience for AximTrade, given that we are pioneers when it comes to unlocking financial opportunities and accessing unlimited earnings around the globe.

About AximTrade

A fast-growing retail brokerage dedicated to providing exceptional trading experience, service, and conditions to its clients, in addition to delivering competitive partner rebates. Transparency and integrity are at the core of AximTrade’s quality standards, making it one of the best platforms for worldwide traders. Headquartered in Manila, AximTrade has extended its global presence to 11 countries around the world. 

Discover luxury trading with the leading best broker as soon as you open a forex account with AximTrade, and take advantage of cutting-edge trading tools, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research, advanced educational resources, lucrative bonus programs, and world-class customer service in regional languages at your fingertips.

About Global Forex Awards

Forex awards acknowledge and celebrate the premier figures shaping the international Forex trading sphere. Commendations honor brokers, companies, and individuals for their tireless efforts to excel in this arena, as well as the innovative products they bring forth. Through these accolades not only do those who have strived to reach success receive acknowledgment of such but also grant others a chance to gain valuable insight into some of the world’s leading Forex institutions.

List of top global forex awards:

  • Best Forex Broker Award
  • Best FX Platform Award
  • Best Online Trading Experience Award
  • Best IB Programme Award
  • Best Copy Trade Platform Award
  • Most Innovative Product Award
  • Top Customer Service Excellence Award
  • Outstanding Trading App Award
  • Best Retail Trading Broker Award

Brokers can utilize these awards as a measure of success and feedback, allowing them to evaluate their performance in comparison with other firms on service offerings, customer service, research capabilities, and more. Moreover, being honored with an award boosts brand trustworthiness while attracting new clients!

Traders should take advantage of the power and knowledge found in forex awards when they are looking for a reliable trading platform or brokerage. By researching which forex awards have been won by each potential option, traders can better equip themselves to make an informed decision that avoids scams and malicious practices while finding their ideal broking partner. Taking this important step will help ensure successful trades in the future.

What are Forex Awards?

The Forex Awards celebrate the very pinnacle of excellence in global FX trading. They are proud to recognize brokers, companies, and individuals for their hard work and dedication to the market – as well as reward those who have created innovative products or services.

Which awards should I look for when choosing a broker?

Choosing the right broker is crucial, making it essential to evaluate their award-winning status. This can provide you with a better gauge of their customer service excellence and performance results. Awards given by third-party independent organizations tend to be more reliable than those issued through brokers themselves, providing an objective point of view when selecting your provider.

How does being awarded a Forex Award benefit brokers?

Forex Awards are an outstanding way for brokers to build trustworthiness, acquire new clients and confirm their capabilities in the market. When traders compare award-winning firms with those that don’t have awards, they can gain a better understanding of which broker is most dependable and secure.

Are there any risks associated with Forex Awards?

In spite of the fact that many Forex Awards are legitimate representations of quality products or services, there is still a chance that some may be biased or false due to vested interests from either the awarding organization or even the recipient. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly investigate before settling on any decisions based solely on these awards.

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