Global Forex Award 2021 AximTrade

AximTrade is Nominated for 4 Global Forex Awards 2021

AximTrade is honored to announce that it has been nominated for 4 awards from the Global Forex Awards 2021. This year, AximTrade has been nominated to compete for several Regional Awards including The Global Forex Newcomer of the Year, The Best Forex IB Programme Africa, The Best Forex IB Programme Asia, and The Best Forex Trading Platform Asia.

About the Global Forex Awards 2021

The Global Forex Awards 2021 celebrate the best-performing forex businesses and brands on a global & regional basis. The awards reward those championing cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, and world-class customer service. The Awards are provided by Holiston Media, a leading provider of financial B2B and Retail awards, which offer recognition to true innovators in the financial trading world.  

Global Forex Awards 2021 AximTrade

In this regard, AximTrade was chosen for its top-notch IB programme and favorable trading conditions which include tight spreads and low minimum balances, reduced financial commitment, variety of account types, fast order execution, highly responsive customer service, and a wide variety of payment solutions. 

How to Vote? 

Public voting will be available through The Global Forex Awards 2021 official website between June 30th and July 28th 2021. Or through the AximTrade website, about us section, 2021 Awards. 

Winners are to be announced on September 24th, 2021. 

AximTrade appreciates the loyalty of its clients and their voting. Vote for us, vote for excellence! 

Global Forex Awards 2021 AximTrade

Update: We are delighted to announce that AximTrade officially won multiple awards from the Global Forex Awards 2021. Being globally and regionally recognized puts AximTrade at the forefront of the Forex industry through providing high-quality business partnerships and reliable services.
Global Forex Awards,2021 Trading With AximTrade

The entity is known for giving recognition to businesses that deliver champion cutting-edge technology, low-cost trading, comprehensive market research tools, advanced educational programs, and world-class customer service.

About AximTrade

AximTrade is a fast-growing retail brokerage that aims to provide an exceptional trading experience, service, and conditions for all our clients. With our rapid success, we have grown our presence to over 8 regional offices around the world in just 2020. Having our stronghold in Asia, we will be expanding to new regions, setting our sights on the MEA, IPBS, and Africa regions. 

Client satisfaction, overall transparency, and incredible promotions are what we do best, ingrained in our 250+ headcount globally. With this mission in place, we have grown beyond expectations, gaining trust and reputation with the 350,000 clients and partners. 

Why Choose AximTrade?

Our trading platform offers various account types, based on your trading strategy, experience, and capital designed for investment. Choices include Standard, Cent, or ECN trading accounts. Enjoy favorable trading conditions with Aximtrade; especially when it comes to margin and leverage levels. You can control your real-time risk exposure by monitoring your used and free margins which together make up your equity.

AximTrade has earned the Global Forex Award as the Best Broker of the Year, honoring its high-quality services, customer service, and innovative products. With a focus on offering clients access to world markets with reliable and efficient trading solutions, alongside exclusive educational resources and modern technology, AximTrade leads the industry with outstanding results.

The Global Forex Awards recognize their commitment to excellence in the knowledge and understanding of the global financial market, which sets them apart from other brokers. Their unique approach to providing tailored services that meet individual needs is unparalleled. As the Best Broker of the Year, AximTrade has shown exceptional performance in providing comprehensive forex trading solutions for all types of traders.

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